What milligram of hydrocodone is equal to methadone?

Question by Ryan L: What milligram of hydrocodone is equal to methadone?
Hi, I have some 10 mg methadone and this is the first time I will be taking them. I was wondering what the equivalent of hydrocodone it would be?

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Answer by milly
Don’t take that !! its so addictive, Im sure your trying to get off of a drug you have been using right? well its just as bad and taking one drug to get off another is a joke. I hate it when Dr wi say its ok. Believe me just try to figure out another way to get clean before you start the Methadone. Please trust me. Ive seen my husband go through this and so far no good. Good Luck

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Daughlton Calvin watched his two methadone customers drink the drug that killed them, according to drug-induced homicide charges filed against him in court Thursday. Calvin, 18, of Morton, knew the dose of prescription pain medicine he gave Travis …
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But overdose deaths from methadone appear to have peaked. Methadone is known mainly for treating heroin addictions but it is also prescribed for pain. Health officials say most of the overdose deaths are people who take it for pain _ not heroin addicts.
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